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Stabo Aviation LLC

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Richmond, VA. 

Charlottesville, VA. 

Washington, DC.

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About Us



Our name, Stabo, consists of two distinct meanings. STABO stands for Strategic Tactical Airborne Operation, which imparts our business purpose. From a personal perspective, Stabo is our Scottish Heritage and family motto, “I Shall Remain”. 

Provide private aircraft charter and aerial drone media services to our customers, leveraging fixed wing aircraft and drone technologies to deliver outstanding services, saving customers time and money.


Our objective is to deliver high-quality aviation consulting services with a commitment to excellence, reliability, and efficiency. Driven by strong values and a passion for aviation, we strive to build lasting partnerships with our clients.

Jeff Hawthorne - President - Aviation Advisory Partner

Jeff Hawthorne
President, Aviation Advisory Partner

Richmond, VA

  • 25+ years’ experience in General Aviation (aircraft charter), Program Management, Strategy & Execution, Data Governance, Process Engineering, Bank & Fintech Acquisitions, and Drone and Media.

  • FAA sUAS Part 107 certified remote pilot; Includes night flight operations 

  • sUAS certified for North Carolina (NCDOT Aviation)

Bob Hawthorne - Consultant - Aviation Advisory Partner

Ret. Lt. Col. Robert Hawthorne
Consultant, Aviation Advisory Partner

Richmond, VA

  • Served 22 years in United States Air Force 


  • Provided executive leadership and support to various high ranking Generals, Director Staff Judge Advocate, Presidential Inaugurations, and former Base Commander for Grand Turk Air Station - British West Indies.


  • 30+ years' experience in General Aviation - aircraft charter, sales & management.

About Us
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